Perception is a kind of neurological procedure of the human through which interpretation and recognition of other’s behaviour are analysed. It is impossible to separate human perception and sensation and these two features are part of a continuous process. Perception is very important from the organizational point of view because it draws the societal interpretation as this mental process make inferences and provide meaning to the accumulated information.
For almost 55 years, BP has been bringing out the full analytical view of the world energy marketplace. This is a highly steadfast source which may be used to investigate general statements of people which stated that US people saves 25% of the world’s oil. Since seven years, BP has worked for rebranding effort which touts it’s another energy initiative as well as labels the organization as an environment-friendly. Separate from the retail operations, BP’s products like gas stations, BP’s corporate operation implicitly positions it as an honest energy company compared to other oil majors.
BP’s “Beyond petroleum” operation has been praised by customer business press as well as have numerous awards that demonstrate it as the prophetic model of convincing corporate social accountability but is criticized as “greenwashing” by the competing oil producers as well as refiners. The enduring operation arises the questions about an advertisement which is much action-oriented. Managers of BP accredited approximately $260 million added value on the KM approach’s direct result. Different BP refineries, as a result of KM approach, have kept aside an amount of $1 million – $10 million in the year of 2000 (BIM, n.d.).
BP has received several criticisms for the company’s pro-social messages for shielding the environment. Campaigning publics, mainly the environmental groups such as Greenpeace International, have refused, rallied and also initiated many activities to challenge the company’s stance. To the few campaigning organisations, BP’s message about the pro-social activity is&nbsp.contradictory about the product that sits at central part of the company’s success.&nbsp.

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