Personal ment for Dental School Being as a mother, it was really a painful experience for me while I was helping my sister, who is currently working as a dentist, in stitching the lips of my son due to a major injury. The incident took place at the time when I used to help my sister in visiting her dental clinic in Palestine. However, being as an assistant or a co-worker of my sister at the dental clinic, I gained several valuable information that includes dealing with patients having diverse sorts of dental illnesses or injuries and providing them with better quality care among others.
At the very early stage of my academic sessions, I studied in a dental school in Egypt MISR University for Science and Technology Medicine. At the early stage, prior to my visit to Saudi Arabia, I acquired fundamental knowledge about the dental problems along with their required care processes. During that period, I was fascinated with dentistry profession, as this profession involves number of effective care functions that have the potentiality in enabling the patients to gain quick relief from any pain or related problem. Indeed my initial exposure to select the dentistry profession as a prospective career path was shaped during the period of my one-year dental treatment course at the school. In relation to the recent trend of technological advancement, the treatment procedure for dental care has been witnessed to generate greater interests amid the modern medical professionals. Moreover, the dental care industry is identified to be incessantly growing, ensuring the formation of a strong career path for the modern students (American Dental Hygienists Association, “Career Paths”). These are certain reasons due to which I am quite fascinated towards this particular profession and desire to pursue my career in this field.
Due to the higher level of commitment made towards making dentistry as my primary career path or profession, I decided to visit Palestine and enhance my knowledge on dental treatment by performing as a co-worker at my sister’s clinic. Moreover, increased extent of eagerness to learn real experiences have certainly made me to visit Palestine in the summer 2012. My sister provided extensive support by involving me to learn various new facets associated with dental ailments along with their respective care procedures. During the period of performing as a co-worker at my sister’s clinic, I used to learn the things that I have studied during my one-year course in the dental school. In this regard, improving career path and attaining personal along with professional goals are also the key dimensions that influenced me to build my own career path in the dentistry profession.
Within a very short time after working as a co-worker in my sister’s clinic, I obtained the knowledge of several essential activities like effective utilisation of dissimilar compositions, medication procedures and appropriate care functions. Now, I feel much confident with respect to the profession and eager to build a strong career path by serving patients suffering with distinct kinds of dental ailments as well as injuries and offering them with effective care.
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“Career Paths.” American Dental Hygienists Association. 2012. Web. 23 Jun. 2014.

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