Taylor’s philosophy of management also introduced a more hierarchical set up within organizations, while Belbin’s team roles seek to mitigate such hierarchical frameworks and bring about a greater level of networking through the use of a team-oriented approach. But despite the differences between these two approaches, there are also some similarities between them, such as the division of labor.

Frederick Winslow Taylor was born on March 20, 1865, into a wealthy Philadelphia family. Both his parents were Quakers and Taylor was thus brought up from an early age to be self-controlled and avoid conflicts with his peers. (www.stfrancis.edu). Taylor was an individual of a compulsive nature and earned an engineering degree while also holding down a full-time job at the same time. He worked as a machinist and pattern maker in Philadelphia at the Enterprise Hydraulic Works and during this time, his observations led him to the belief that the secret of productivity was in finding the right challenge for each person and rewarding him for doing that job. He worked at many jobs and developed his principles of Scientific Management on the basis of his experience and observations:
Scientific management was particularly appropriate in the framework of the industrial and economic growth that was occurring in the late 19th century. The focus of Taylor’s efforts were centered on finding the least wasteful, most efficient methods to carry out organizational tasks. (Darmody, 2007). There are three major aspects of the scientific management philosophy of management. These are (a)science vs rule of thumb (b) harmony rather than discord (c) maximum output vs restricted output and (d) developing the greatest efficiency in workers (Darmody, 2007). A major part of the scientific management process is to simplify organizational tasks by dividing them into sections and routing the tasks to groups of workers who are not necessarily skilled, but&nbsp.who can perform those repetitive tasks faster than those individuals who are engaged to complete all the processes in the task, which requires a higher degree of skill.

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