Should Florida Permit Young Children to Have Overnight Visits or Reside at Correctional Facilities with their Mothers? AffiliationShould Florida Permit Young Children to Have Overnight Visits or Reside at Correctional Facilities with their Mothers? This topic touches so much on the society we reside in hence it is very crucial to look at. Each growth and development stage of a human being is paramount to what a human being is. A child is at its best when he or she has the emotional support of the mother. Mothers generally are the source of emotional support. Looking at this topic will aid in making decisions in future regarding how the rate of children involved in crime can be reduced (Glaze amp. Maruschak, 2008). This will positively influence the main goal of CCJ 4497 policy brief project.Statement of Purpose In this report, I want to review the research that has been conducted on the causes of crime by children and the effects of children in correctional facilities been allowed to spend time with their mothers. This will help the State of Florida’s criminal justice systems in formulating the right policies that will aid in reducing children crime rate and enhance the impact of correctional facility programs on child criminals. The audience is composed of the governor who is a politician and policy makers who are mainly lawyers, administrators of correctional facilities, parents’ representatives, and interested parties. This audience understands the main goal of CCJ 4497 policy project. Hence, the audience should be addressed using PowerPoint presentations that illustrate and explain in point form the main points of the report. The audience is looking for an explanation and reasons as to why certain measures should be undertaken. It wants to be convinced on what is the best way forward.ReferenceGlaze, L. E., amp. Maruschak, L. M. (2008). Parents in Prison and Their Minor Children. Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report, NCJ 222984.

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