Politics of climate change science and its uses and abuses Yes. I agree with the film about what it characterizes as a looming climate change crisis. In his article, The Politicization of Science, Marvin Krislov points out the crisis that exists between politics and science based ideas on climate change and global warming. He says that climate science has political ramifications in that politics has an effect on science. He identifies that climate change and global warming is actually happening and that politic play a big role on the freedom of the scientists to carry out their work. He identifies with Galileo and the challenges that he encountered during his research from Papal, fellow scientists and even had to be held under house rest for the rest of his life. He shows that the progress of scientific knowledge is determined by lack of political dictation. Politics cannot dictate what scientists research on, nor can their findings be ignored even if they threaten our beliefs or personal economic circumstance. On the other hand, Sarewitz supports that there is looming climate change crisis which he says is grounded on scientific rationality that lacks, moral base, experience and empathy. This is a rationality that relies on natural sciences and economics and excludes history, culture and politics. In his case, science and climate policy may not be adequate ways of combating climate change. Rather a change in the morality of the society and the need to care about science, rationality and truth, he argues are the key towards scientific rationalism. The film, an inconvenient truth, produced by Al Gore also identifies with the presence of a looming climate change and global warming. Gore discusses the scientific facts behind global warming showing how it affects the environment. He provides the effects that result from failure to respond to this crisis and points out an inconvenient truth of what all individual can do to conserve and protect the earth. Referencehttp://vimeo.com/24857305https://oncampus.oberlin.edu/source/articles/2011/12/07/politization-science

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