First Last Number: Programming and Culture in Architecture Way MAJOR FUNCTIONS OF THE SITE Guatemalteca Bakery Restaurant, in the form of a site, is surrounded by beautiful environment as well as transportation facilities that prove to be highly conventional for the customers to visit the same. One of the major functions of this site can be reckoned as considering customers’ demand and perception based on which it has been able to provide superior offerings to the customers. Apart from this, another major function of the site is the offering of large parking facility for keeping the vehicles of the customers, which is likely to grow the attractiveness of the restaurant into the minds of the customers. On a further note, the other major functionalities of the site include possessing a small grocery store in the restaurant wherein the customers can find traditional Guatemalan foods and setting the environment of the place with beautiful paintings and marimba music.
Considering the major functions that have been previously discussed, the element concerning the level of competition prevalent within the site is likely to be less important for Guatemalteca Bakery Restaurant. This can be judged based on the fact that the business of the restaurant focuses on providing superior quality of products and/or services related to various menus of foods as well as other add-on facilities to the customers that enabled towards sustaining its operations efficiently (Pearson South Africa 78). In addition, the element concerning the pricing of the competitors is deemed to be less important for the restaurant. Justifiably, it can be affirmed that the business deals with various services that include sprawling space food, bakery section and grocery store as well as dining area that are likely to grow the attractiveness of the site, without imposing much level of impact on the pricing decisions of the competitors.
Work Cited
Pearson South Africa. Operations Management. South Africa: Pearson South Africa, 2000. Print.

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