Delivering the results of a project closure is a significant aspect. All the activities of the project need to be filed properly for the purpose of delivering the project reports to the higher authority for future reference. If the project meets all the specifications and the project goal are achieved, the approval of the higher authority is to be taken in the form of a sign off. Sign offs fall into two Categories: formal and conditional sign off. Formal sign off is a forward looking category and conditional a backward category. Sign off becomes formal when all the requirements of the project are accepted and it can be used for future reference. In the case of conditional sign offs if the requirements are not accepted, it should be documented and the deficiencies, if any, need to be evaluated and addressed again.
This particular aspect can be perceived as a backward category. Employing retrospective means improving the project which are done in the past, thereby changing bad practices. It is usual that a project nay involve a lot of inconsistencies. However, accurate documentation can help to avoid the chances of repeating the mistakes. Project under execution are evaluated by the project leader to recognize the defects and make necessary changes.
Administrative closure needs to be considered both as a backward looking and forward looking category. At the end of the project, it becomes necessary to see that all administrative and paper works are carried out successfully. This is also important for the purpose of documentation in order to verify that the project related aspects are completed accurately. Relevant information must be documented and preserved along with the project report for use by the concerned person in future projects.
Celebration and team rewards are provided to the team members to express the gratitude for the assistance and the hard work they have put in during the project to implement it effectively.

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