Projects usually follow major phases or stages (with various titles for these), including feasibility, project planning, implementation, evaluation and support/maintenance. (Free Management Library, 1997-2009)
Each project phase normally includes a set of defined work products designed to establish the desired level of management control. Each project phase is marked by completion of one or more deliverable. (William Duncan, 1996) The conclusion of a project phase is generally marked by a review of both key deliverables and project performance in order to (a) determine if the project should continue into its next phase and (b) detect and correct errors cost effectively. (William R. Duncan, 1996)
"The project manager should be appointed at any stage of the project, s/he should be appointed prior to the appointment of the project team. The project manager documents a detailed Job Description for each project role and appoints a human resource to each role based on his/her relevant skills and experience. (Jason Westland, 2003)"
The initial phase of project management involves feasibility study. This is to find out whether the project is viable or not. Feasibility study plays a very important role for the success of a project. Feasibility study generally involves identifying the future risks involved in the projects and steps to reduce the risks. "A feasibility study should be done based on political, commercial, and organisational elements." (Patrick Andrews, 2002). The feasibility study should be shared with the project management team and various input from the team members need to be analysed and incorporated to the feasibility report. It is important that it should be documented. If the study reveals that the project is not viable, it can be stopped at an early stage thus reducing wastage of resources, time, and cost. If the study is viable, the study should clearly outline the statements proving why the project is viable. The deliverable of a feasibility study is feasibility report.
Project Planning
Planning a project is extremely important before actually implementing the project. The project plan is necessary in defining the various milestones of the project and coming up with tentative dates to complete each milestone. This helps to keep a check on the project at the various miles

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