A project can be defined as a program of work to bring about a beneficial change. We can say that a typical project starts when someone’s idea is embosomed by a wider group – first informally, through discussions with colleagues and then through a more formal process (involving senior management, the management committee or board). Next, they have to cope with the fund-raising process. When the funding bid is successful the project can start. This means that the staff can be appointed and the work can begin. Formal methods of project management offer a framework to manage this process and provides a series of procedures to manage the project through its life cycle. According to the Lasa Computanews Guide to Project Management, the key elements are:
Many project management systems are proprietary. Project management consultants sell them as a package of services that will include training sessions and consultancy alongside documentation that will include templates and guidance notes. These packages don’t come cheap – they cost hundreds or thousands of pounds. But this approach may be a cost-effective solution for larger organizations that want to set up a structure to manage a number of projects. Practically, they are paying to set up a framework that includes: training for staff, consultancy, and support to manage projects within the organization.
However, in RCIAS Good Practice Bulletin No3 there are noted some of the common issues identified within the Research Councils or the wider public and private sectors: Procurement Strategy, Guidelines, Supply of management information, Training, Contract Signing Powers, Use of consultants.&nbsp. &nbsp.
The Procurement Strategy issue is determined by the fact that few councils have a formal and authorized procurement strategy.&nbsp.

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