Quick Steps to Pursue Higher Education in U.S.
  1. First and foremost selecting program and its conducting university. It is important that you conduct an honest analysis of yourself based on your academic background, experience, interests, aspirations and budget scenarios and taking the help of that analysis choose a university and program and also the city you choose to live in.
  2. Mostly all the programs in U.S indulge in taking an admission test to value your application. Basically your admission process will be a consideration of five different parts, scores of ACT/SAT, GPA, College application, an essay and recommendations in form of letters if any. Not every college emphasizes on the need of having an essay or recommendation letter but it definitely contributes to your chances of selection.
  3. Following the relevant deadlines your application in addition to all the documents required shall be submitted cordially. Though there is no limit to the number of colleges you can apply but you will have to apply at every college separately with your complete set of documents. It is suggested to keep your options open. Most of the undergraduate colleges and universities are stubborn on the fact that you enroll for the entire college and not to a specific department or major. Sometimes students instead of being rejected right away are placed in waiting lists and if in case an admitted student withdraws then the waiting student gets admitted.
  4. You will gradually receive your offer letters. Now you will have to take care of acceptance deadlines and additional document requirements. Be precise in your compilation.
  5. As you make a choice on the decision of joining a particular university, it will lead you to the next step of preparing your academic and financial documents. Enquire and prep for the payments required to be made in order to obtain your I-20 form. It is basically a certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrant student status.
  6. Once you receive your I-20, your enrollment is stamped and now you can ideally proceed ahead with your visa application. It is important to recheck that all your minute details are included in I-20 which will enable you to apply for your student visa smoothly.
  7. Its time to tactfully tackle the compilation of your visa file. Make sure you also fix your visa appointment with the embassy of United States.
  8. Prepare yourself efficiently for the interview at the U.S embassy. It can very easily prove to be a big obstacle, so make sure you consult people who have gone through this experience and enquire about the kind of questions you can expect.
  9. Ideally speakers from respective universities come down to address and educate you about the academic, cultural and athletic existence in the particular university, especially if you are taking the services of counseling organizations. You should also be completely aware about issues such as foreign exchange, insurance, process of registering for the courses online and medical facilities

Once you successfully complete all these steps neatly, its time to board a plane for the United States and give wings to your dreams.

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