Immediately after recruitment exercise is over, the selection process starts. Selection is the process of making a choice from a pool of applicants, someone who best meets the specifications of the job in question. In this case he must be someone with the best knowledge and technical skills required of a technical staff. After recruitment and selection there is need to integrate the successful applicant into the job for him/her to adapt to the job requirements, procedure and processes.
In our case study, we shall consider the case of a project whereby the technical staff member will be involved in project matters. We shall therefore analyze the recruitment, selection and integration of the staff in relation to an investment project. (Dale, 2001)
First the technical manager will advertise the job vacancy that has befallen in the organization. The advertisement must outline the job specification which gives an overview of what the job requirements are. For a technical staff, with respect to a project, the contents of the job specification would include: –
After the job has been advertised and the job specification outlined, a preliminary contact is made to the potential candidates. It is advisable to give all the candidates a standard contact. It must be made early enough to avoid locking out potential candidates. Then, initial screening is done to create a pool of qualified candidates.
The technical manager would be free to either select the member internally or externally. Internal recruitment would come into play when maybe there is another technical staff member who is ready to be promoted to such a position. But the member must posses the necessary qualifications for such an appointment (internal) to be effective. If this is the case, then the technical manager need not advertise for the job vacancy but make employees aware of the job vacancies. He can do this through newsletters, bulletin, boards and personal recommendations including recommendations by other managers.
(Dale, 2001)
The advantage of this method is that it motivates employees to work harder so that they can get promotion opportunities. It is also more efficient and less costly because the technical manager would not need to advertise for the job or even contact every candidate individually. Another reason as to why the technical manager should adopt this approach is that already he knows the performance and/ or skills of every staff with regard to project appraisal. It would increase the chances of making a good choice since the people he has in the organization are already known to him in terms of performance.
However, there are enough reasons as to why the manager should discard this approach of internal recruitment. Internal recruitment is characterized by an insufficient pool and the best person for the job may not be available from within the organization. Again, people from within the

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