The site is intended for public use to give the people support on the services offered by the government. In the site, people can get to know more about the services offered by the government, they can explore topics, they can find government agencies and they can contact government officials. With all of these services offered on the site, it is clear that it is primarily an extension of government support for the people. Recently, the most popular searches are employment opportunities, unclaimed money, unemployment extension, debt relief, and passport renewal.

All of these imply that people are busy looking for something that will benefit them. For instance, the higher search for employment opportunities in the site only implies that many people are looking for jobs. All of the basic needs in society through information are placed on the site. In fact, in finding government agencies, the public can try to search for all government, federal government, state, local and tribal. There are actually essential choices to choose from. There are also important landline numbers to choose from in order to directly keep in touch with the authority. The site is a genuine support system that does not only provide genuine services but substantial information in order to address the need of the public.As can be observed, the site is substantially made in order to address the needs of the public. These needs are actually substantially met with respect to the intended support that must have to be provided by the government. In fact, the government is aware of the various needs of the people. The government is responsible enough to provide the needs of the people under its functions. It is therefore clear that the information and support system written on the site is the actual concern that the people are always asking from the government. It is of no question then that it is the government that authored the site considering how specific the needs of the people are substantially addressed.

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