The prime responsibility of the police is to maintain law and order. The police investigating suspects criminals and make a report of the criminal activities of held suspects to refer the matter to competent court of law to decide the case. The court empowers police to comply with the warrants, writs and certain orders of the courts issued from time to time (Gaines &amp. Miller, 2010). Law enforcers are duty bound to respond emergencies and other expected threats to the life and property of the people irrespective of cast and creed at local, provincial and federal level as the case may be (Dempsey &amp. Frost, 2010). Establishment of Police Department: Historical Background The initial foundation of police department came into being in the year 1635 at Boston. In the year 1838, the first modern police station comes on the surface in the city of Boston. Later on, the police department appeared in the city of New York. At the early stage of its establishment, the police department was not paid respect by the community due to unbridled corruption in the police department. Now the police department is fully equipped with modern gadgets to meet any eventuality or to handle the ugly law and order situation (Dempsey &amp. Frost, 2010). …
Role of Police Department In State Police operates in the whole states of United States of America to maintain law and order situation by way of patrolling in their area of operations and conduct thorough investigations of the suspects. In other words, these operators are performing their duties under the umbrella of&nbsp.State Police,&nbsp.State Patrol&nbsp.or&nbsp.Highway Patrol. Mentioned operators are the part and parcel of the State Department of Public Safety. Moreover, in each state, the Attorney General’s office has the state bureau of investigation (Gaines &amp. Miller, 2010). In the US, certain departments of state governments have their own set up of enforcement of law. The law division enjoys the same powers of police to implement the writ of law where applicable and needed (Gaines &amp. Miller, 2010). In County The first and foremost responsibilities of US Police Department are (Dempsey &amp. Frost, 2010): a) Maintaining order, which is a wider mandate for the police department to ensure peace and harmony in their jurisdiction so that law-abiding citizens are not disturbed by undesirable elements. It may ranges from dog biting to fist fighting. The police department has the authority to deal with the criminals as per the law in vogue. Otherwise, police hold responsible for violation of law or taking action beyond the permissible limit of law. b) The enforcement of law with authority is applicable where the law and order situation is not controllable due to illegal activities of lawbreakers / miscreants. Those who violate the law must be dealt with an iron hand by awarding exemplary punishment to deter others. The common example to understand it is

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