Sources of Revenue for the Health Care Centers Response to La Deema Gallagher The argument developed by this is based on firm logical observation. It is indeed imperative for the health providing facilities to accurately identify the procedures, the patient has gone through. There is a profound interdependency, between the procedure of maintaining a record of treatments and billing procedure, however the periodical review of the effectiveness and efficiency of the record keeping process should be conducted, to debug the system if necessary (Cleverley amp. Cameron, 2007). Response to Nichole BacovinAs stated by Nichole Bacovine, the credentials of each patient with the proper maintained history of procedures, through which the patient went through, along with the insurance provider details, to facilitate the funds collection process. In this modern time, hospitals use digital networking techniques to integrate various departments, which make the above mentioned tasks efficient and accurate. The main purpose of the whole practice is to monitor the costs and expenses on each medical procedure (Cleverley amp. Cameron, 2007). Response to Courtney ShafferThe observations shared by Courtney are valuable to the discussion. It is correctly mentioned, that the participation of the doctor in the process of recordkeeping is as important as other activities concerning this practice, because if doctor does not provide the details of prescription accurately, then the rest of the process becomes meaningless. The entire costing and inventory of equipment and medicines consumed while treating a patient solely depends upon the suggested treatment (Cleverley amp. Cameron, 2007). Work CitedCleverley, W. amp. Cameron, A., 2007.Essentials of Health Care Finance. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc.

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