Previous studies had suggested that many pests show an increase in population growth in a host crop which is nitrogen enriched. The current research was done in an area measuring 150m by 32m in New South Wales. It used four different treatments which were applied to the trial plot by means of broadcasting methods.
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In the study that was carried out, it was quite apparent that the statistical power was dependent on factors that included the statistical significance criterion, the management of the effect of interest and the sample size used. In order to limit the Type I error, which may result from these factors, the data was collected in five transects with each being divided into four replicates. By creating transects and replicates, it was possible to limit the occurrence of type I error while at the same time ensuring that the reliability of the data was enhanced. The higher the number of transects, the lower the probability of Type I occurring in the study.
In the ANOVA analysis, the main assumptions made were related to the normality and the homogeneity of the data collected in the study. It was assumed that normality and constant variance would be present in the data. To check the assumptions, a classical parametric procedure involving the detection of the outliers was used. Since outliers have the potential of impacting on and influencing the homogeneity of the data variance, it was checked to ensure that the assumptions made were inherent in the data. The method for checking

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