[Political Science/ International Relations] November 21, My major is Political Science/International relations My intended majors are political science and international relations. My interest was developed in these two subjects due to their vast sphere which covers not only the domestic boundary but also spreads beyond it. Political science is social science which discusses the matters relating to a state and its politics. I have been fond of getting knowledge regarding Political Science/ International relations. There are many reasons behind it. Every country has different political issues. Nowadays, it has become vital to keep an eye over the political situations of our neighbour countries. Similarly, international relations are the study of relations, inter-dependence and links among the nations all over the world.Both subjects tend to have underlying relation in the sense that the political circles in the country influence international community and some time, vice versa. Political science is important in the perspective that it has, more or less, connection with other sectors of the economy and state.On the other side, the tone during the negotiation with the foreign delegations paves way to set the level of international relations. International study is also helpful to formulate the foreign policy and, thus, develop the depth of relations with other countries. To study and search this subject more in depth, I also have conducted internship in a local newspaper. My beat was also the international news and politics. It helped me understand the ongoing policies of homeland and world major states. Keeping in view the current national and international current political scenario, it’s easy to guess about the future plans of the state.

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