Thesis statement: It is evident that selfie is the modern version of Memento Mori because the same is an innovative model of self-expression, immortalization through art, reflects one’s inner self, symbolic of popular culture, self-portrait, and can accelerate one’s self-confidence. One can see that social networking is an important characteristic of technological innovation within the modern world. To be specific, people use websites (say, social networking) as an innovative mode of self-expression. Eric Topol stated that Selfie was named word of the year for 2013, referring to the remarkably common practice of using one’s smartphone to take a picture of oneself and posting it onto a social networking website such as Facebook or Twitter.1 For instance, the members of social networking websites like Facebook consider the same as an innovative mode of self-expression. The people in the modern world are in need of instant results and they do not like to ponder upon the philosophical aspect of life because they know that life is short and one must enjoy the same. Those who upload their own snaps in different websites know that others (say, viewers) never assess their potential by viewing a single selfie. Instead, a series of selfies (private domain: eating, singing, reading, public domain: at a party, at the theatre, at a social gathering) can attract the viewers and can sustain their curiosity. So, those who are interested in self-expression through social networking wisely choose different selfies related to the important moments in their life in general. To be specific, ‘netizens’ consider selfie as the cheapest mode of self-expression because it can help them to go beyond the limits of traditional modes of self-expression.

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