Any product that is harmful to the masses is being advertised and marketed in such a manner that it seems like the most potent weapon for battling problems that consumers face but in return of using those products customers get a lot of complications and more problems in return, of particular importance here has been the pharmaceutical industry or the health care industry in general which has been producing and marketing products that can cause harm to the general public and that is only discovered in the long run when the damage has been done, had the employees of the company been morally obligated such a situation would never arise because they would be the first one to report their employees and save the general public from their intentions. A lack of initiative in this particular area is also quite noticeable because not a lot of people have the courage to take on multi-million companies and their senior executives. This is of particular importance to me and the field of study that I have chosen to be in because millions of people get affected by such situations each and every day but the catch is- that they do not even know that what they are using is going to be harmful to them. This is something that should concern each and every individual of the society who has a moral character and some ethical values. The stance that people take on this question is that yes employees should be morally obligated because they would have the chance to save millions of people from harmful products and that is the best thing that one could do to serve humanity and also to fulfill one’s moral and ethical values. It is also important for some people because they believe that an initiative in this regards needs to be taken and people who would step up first would be highly regarded by society. On the other hand, there are people who advocate that if employees start doing this then they would lose their jobs and the society is not&nbsp.in a position to provide jobs for them, why would anyone want to lose out on their living for a society that hardly is of any benefit to them?

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