Firstly, nudity inhibits healthy child development. It is entirely unhealthy for children to be exposed to images of nude adults. This is because they are not at a point in their lives where this information should be relayed to them. In every stage of human life, there are certain bits of information that one is meant to acquire: during childhood one comes to terms with language, gestures, and interactive techniques. If information is passed at the wrong stage of an individual’s development, it causes misconception and elicits a harmful reaction. Children have very little cognitive development to bear positive results. They cannot assimilate nudity to bear positivity. Rather, the exhibition of this information to them could cause them to have a perverted line of thought. Scholars assert that human beings analyze issues as being either positive or negative. Children, being mentally underdeveloped, cannot fathom the positivity that comes from the nude human body. This is because they are unaware of concepts such as childbirth. The young human mind, owing to exploration and adventure, assimilates negativity faster than it does positivity (Lunceford, 2012, p.46). As a result of this, their minds ultimately divert to the negative – sexual perversion. Public nudity contributes to pornographic addiction: a factor that inhibits healthy mental progress. It causes one to develop lustful thoughts and to follow this up with indulgence in pornographic material.
Public nudity undermines culture and religion. Most sustainable cultures in the world condemn public nudity. The African culture, for instance, one of the most celebrated in the world, has been undermined by public nudity. Young African men and women have taken up nudity after interactions with the West. Notably, the culture attracts people from all over the world who appreciate and celebrate it. If the culture is tainted and undermined, the world has nothing to celebrate.

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