Social work is carried out by professionals with a strong penchant to assist people the improving their daily lives by solving issues like personal and family problems. They, also assist individuals to deal with relationships, disability, life-threatening disease, inadequate housing, substance abuse, domestic conflicts or unemployment. The responsibility of the social worker thus includes research, involvement in planning or the development of policies to advocate better services to the client. This requires a social worker to possess adequate knowledge, skill,s and values to deal with specific situations. Generally, social workers with state mandated license are called licensed clinical social workers. Social workers are required to have the relevant theory-based knowledge to improve their competence while working with clients. In various instances, the lack of professional knowledge has lead to incompetence and even to the loss of lives. Social work practitioners should be aware of the six factors that show the theory is important for practice. The six factors are models, perspectives or approaches, prescriptions, explanation, accountability and justification

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