From this paper, it is clear that Montag’s quest is a self-search for knowledge, for reason and for sense. He seeks truth not because it is comfortable or because he wants to be not like everybody else. Every quest for self-perception is a lonely road. Alienation from society becomes naturally justified when Montag realizes that society goes at odds with his individual needs. Society tries to dominate individual in order to create a practically useful hierarchy each part of which makes the whole machine works better. Mass society treats individual features like a deviation from the norm and normally this oppression is implemented with an agreement of those towards whom it is directed. To strengthen public opinion and social norms minorities are always treated as mistaken. Gays, Afro-Americans, gypsies, and Jews are all historical examples of intolerance towards those who can’t make difference due to the fact of their minority itself. For the majority of people even the most horrible thing, for example, slavery can be treated as something normal only because people traditionally used to it. To quit being dehumanized live out of balance with his identity Montag puts himself outside the society that he thinks is built upon the incorrect basis. He establishes a self-comprehension that contrasts with his environment but he struggles for the clear vision instead of dictated behavior considered normal. Only with his personal vision, we as readers comprehend all the falsehood of what is generally accepted as truth.

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