Africans are regarded as the low class people in the society who only do the poor man’s job like watering the roots of the trees. None of the non-African communities want to be associated with them. Not only Africans are discriminated upon, but their counterparts with the tag immigrants also do suffer the same fate. The immigrants’ first names are literally name of things. They are referred to names like honey, sugar and negra which are not an ideal name of human being. This is so because the immigrants do not have any idea of who their parents were. (Mark)
Still on ethnicity, the Latin Americans of Caribbean descendants were never invited to dinner parties for they came from dirt where the cane was grown. A treatment only meant for the inferior in the society. The California Puerto Ricans are as well referred to as ghettos. Those who stay in ghettos are the poor who live separately from other people and are marginalized.
Even when it comes to marriage, the ethnic issue is a problem. The white men who considered themselves as those of the noble stature never imagined getting married to those who are considered slaves. It doesn’t matter how much lovely the woman is. In addition to that, these women are referred to as carpetbaggers and believed to be creating too many illusions. The only thing that could happen in case the white man liked a slave woman was marry her to one of his subordinates without her consent. The European whites considered themselves superior intellectually, socially, and culturally.

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