The authorities taking custody of these people may as well not find themselves able to provide sufficient moral support at getting exhausted with the daily routine of having to attend to a somewhat unmanageable number of other detained suspects.
It is hence more than reasonable for Christian standards to modify the objectives of employing justice in this regard. Every true Christian act by faith and teachings which exhibit a humble, patient, and compassionate attitude of dealing with a sinner without prior judgment (Christian Justice). By the freedom of exercising righteous deed towards anyone, a considerate person who handles an offender may do so in a Christian manner of promoting the essence of love and faith in life through the Holy Scriptures. Once the erring party manifests being moved in response to the atmosphere filled with love, there is a high probability that this person would, in turn, be inspired to change the heart and give the favor back.

In the process, Christian justice could possibly enable the convicted person to understand the gravity of his sins than to find no great deal in the will to be executed or be served proper charges since, by this time, he would have taken a huge step to forgive himself. As a result, Christianity transforms the individual at fault and establishes in him a type of conviction which is able to overcome remorse and discern the fairness in the fact that justice would not be held back from the sinner. At this stage the offender, having been spiritually renewed, accepts his punishment wholeheartedly.
Similarly, an act of a just Christian reaches out to the victim by the supplication of comfort and bridges the gap between the victim and the person in the offense. To a certain extent, the former may also express being open to forgiveness or acceptance of apology and reconciliation that might, later on, liberate the criminal from mental and physical torments of guilt and sanctions to continue with the initiated moral recovery.

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