The paper mainly consists of what is in each column of the sub heading and how it aids to boost up our knowledge.
A non-profitable society formed in US in 1963 under government acceptance to set international standards which otherwise serves as a leading technical authority in Science and Technology departments such as Biomedical engineering, Electric Power, Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics, Computers and Aerospace systems is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in short IEEE society. The website given to explore is one of the official sites of this society which works for the benefit of individuals who are directly or indirectly connected to the subjects stated above. It provides training to the individuals of varied backgrounds i.e., from students to working professional both free of cost and at times with a nominal fee. We shall now explore about the IEEE computer society in particular the software engineering department.
The first look at the site gives us an impression that it concentrates more on teaching aspects of software engineering. The structure of the subjects is formal. Beginning with what it has in store in learning centre, prior knowledge of computers is expected with proficiency in basics of Java, PHP and Linux because they have C language at the core of the subject. The website focuses more on upgrading the knowledge rather than teaching nascent learners. The upcoming webcasts in this helps to learn how to enable XML as XML data as this is one of the pivotal necessities for the solution based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and building XML aware and XML centric applications that paves the way to data base programming. Java tutorials where we should have knowledge of J2EE, core Java so that new technology of data transport mechanisms such as Ajax are introduced and their various applications both at client side and server side are explained. Next comes SWEBOK (software engineering body of knowledge) which added

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