The research paper "Starbucks Market and Customer Analysis" presents the strengths and weaknesses of Starbucks’s products and services as it ventures into the new target market. One of Starbuck’s key strengths is seen to pertain to the company’s strong market position and global brand recognition. Starbucks enjoys a significant geographical presence across the world in addition to its maintaining an estimated 36.7% of the market share within the United States. The company will be able to leverage is rich brand equity by merchandising a wide range of products as well as licensing its brand logo to outlets across its new venture market of Xiamen, China.
The company produces products of the highest quality. Starbucks gives the highest importance to the quality of their products as well as avoids the standardization of quality even in the face of higher production output levels. This attribute is expected to aid the company in the quick capture of a significantly large share of the Xiamen market.
As a result of its numerous social responsibility initiatives, Starbucks benefits from enjoying the goodwill of all its customers across the world. Starbucks stores are designed to be community friendly and focused on the recycling and reduction of waste products. This attribute is expected to help the company attract more customers as it expands into the new market. And one of Starbucks’ key weaknesses is the fact that most of its products are generally perceived to be quite expensive.

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