I had a storyteller her was Ms. Jones, she was a public library from Steel Creek Public Library come my school she read two books by Margaret Read Macdonald . One was Pickin Peas which is illustrated by Pat Cummings and the other books was The Old Woman and Her Pig which John Kanzler co-authored the book.
She did the storytelling for Ms. Wallace’s second grade class and they joined in as she read the choral parts of the story. She had the students to do acts with their hands to act like the pig and the girl pickin peas.
This is the evaluation Criteria to write about:
Choice of story: was story chosen appropriate for the audience, setting
– Yes, the story was very appropriate for the audience, as well as for the setting. As the audience comprises of second grade students, both the story: Picking Peas and The Old woman and her pig, were one of the best materials that could be used in order to let the audience learn as well as participate in it. As for the setting, nothing can be better as the place, our own school, was the best setting one could have. It is because it’s hard for the students to transfer to a different location plus the fact that the school can decorate the class with the help of the students so as to enhance and to encourage their cooperation in the storytelling. It also gives them a sense of belongingness that the event was theirs alone.
Breathing, Posture, Eye Contact: (a) appropriate for story, (b) pleasing, (c) enough, excessive or not enough
– The proper gestures for the storytelling were present in Ms. Jones’ act. She had the proper breathing, posture and eye contact enough to enrapture the crowd of second graders and enough to have the students listen and cooperate during the storytelling.
Quality of voice: (a) volume, (b) pleasing inflection, (c) sense of excitement, energy – The quality of voice is excellent. There was enough inflection on it and the voice quality is superb. For every scene, there was a different voice projection and it followed that if the scene was sad, the voice was sad too and so on. You can feel the flow of the story just by listening to Ms. Jones’ voice.
Quality of facial expression: (a) appropriate for story (b) pleasing (c) enough, excessive or not enough (d) engaged the audience in story
– As stated above, if the voice quality is superb, it follows that the facial expression is also of the same quality. The voice is like the sound of the face. Whatever the face reacted, the voice follows and the emotions imbedded in the voice can also be seen in the facial expression of the story teller. The facial expression enraptured the audience exactly as should be.
Quality of other gestures/movement: (a) appropriate (b) pleasing, (c) enough, excessive or not enough (d) engaged audience
-The quality of the gestures was enough. It wasn’t overstated neither was it understated. It was just the right quality as the audience wasn’t distracted enough by the movements. Also, unnecessary movements of the hands are quite distracting so it is also not advised to be done.
Use of props/costumes (if any): (a) appropriate for story (b) appropriate use in story
– There was no props or costumes because they didn’t need any as the voice projection and facial expression was enough to give the audience something to think and feel about even without props and costumes. Also, there were audience participation in the chorus and that adds up that the storytelling can go without any artistic aids. The children used their hands to act like the pig and the girl picking peas. It just proves that even without any props or costumes the simple job of enacting the story and letting the audience participate will be enough to substitute the props and other paraphernalia’s.
Content of story: (a) flowed logically or appropriately (b) was engaging (c) pleasing
– The content of the story was very engaging that the audience were enraptured and that was supported by the fact that they were eager to participate in the said story. The students loved it enough plus the fact that the books gave the students enough visual or story maps to aid them into knowing which part of the book the storyteller was at.
Interaction with audience: (a) appropriate (b) engaged the audience (c) stayed focused (did not delay story)
– The children have been moving incrementally from performing for themselves, performing in very small groups (friends, family, pairs) and now they are ready to perform in front of sympathetic fellow storytellers. This can be supported by the participation of the second graders in the middle part of the story when the chorus was given and the children joined in as the chorus part was read. Audience participation is important when dealing with crowds so that they will feel the story and so that they can imagine what is happening.
Transition activity before or after story: (a) moved audience to or from the story/setting appropriately
– There was a simple introduction about the story before it actually began. This is to inform the audience what is the story all about and also, at the end of the story, the moral values inflicted on it was also stated. This is very important because the goal of the storytelling is to impart values to the young ones and to also learn the idea that storytelling is an old tradition passed from generations to generations.

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