A major part of Bellway Plc’s plan of action must include following a strategy based on gaining competitive advantage as well as achieving sustainable entrepreneurial growth. Let us first examine competitive advantage to see how and where it will fit in with the overall growth and expansion of the Bellway Plc in securing buyers from the global market like Asia, US, and other countries.
This brings us to a discussion on the technicalities of the model proposed by Porter. Porter’s Five Forces model provides suggested points under each main heading. When taken into consideration individually, each of these gives rise to the development of a broad and sophisticated analysis of the competitive position. This may further be used during the creation of a strategy, plans, or even were making investment decisions about a business or organization is concerned. These five competitive forces determine industry profitability and attractiveness apart from being responsible for shaping the prices that firms can charge, the costs they have to bear, and the required investments to engage in industry-level competition. We are concerned with the fact that Porter’s essentially ahistorical approach cannot provide a full account of either a nation’s competitive advantage and corporate strategies or the growth and development of industrial clusters. For this, let us first understand the competitive advantage.
This has special relevance for the Bellway Plc, owing to the following reasons:
The company needs to launch a full-fledged expansion policy in international markets as well as the public sector in the UK.
It needs to zero in on outstation resources which can be procured on easy and regular terms.
There needs to a study of the marketing options in order to gain a competitive advantage as there are many players involved here.
Its competitors include Barrat Development, Taylor Wimpey and Berkley Group Holdings.&nbsp.

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