The study seeks to bring forth the present performance management system and its effectiveness in a haulage company called John Hackling Transport Limited based in England. The company is known for being one of the best haulage companies in England. It has strategically located its depots, traffic and warehousing facilities at lucrative positions across the major cities providing easy and quick access for its main transport routes and its customers too. Comprising of a vast portfolio of customers, comprising of the national international and local companies from different sectors of the economy, the company has successfully delivered to the demands of all its customers over the years. The project begins with the discussion as to how the company sets performance targets as per the strategic objectives of the firm, which is followed by the tools and techniques needed evaluating performances of employees. The various performance criteria which are used for measuring performances are presented. In this context the various ways and importance of gaining employee commitments towards desired actions are discussed. Finally the importance and use of delegation, mentoring and coaching for the attainment of organizational objectives are presented in the project too. …
Performance Management System Link between team performance and strategic objectives of the company The first step towards building an effective performance management system is to prioritise the business objectives of the firm and consequently set performance targets with regards to the company as well as individual employees. The strategic objective of the company is to emerge as the top haulage company is UK through its wide diversity of services to customers. The idea is to deliver quality services towards customers with the maximum efficiencies and help them build profitable businesses (Hackling, 2011). The importance of team performance and activities are identified by the company as it is extremely crucial to have group performances and collaboration between team members to deliver services at different locations distributed at distant places across the nation and even in overseas locations. Some of the areas which necessarily require effective team performance and productivity are logistic services, distribution and logistics, storage and warehousing, freight forwarding, pallet line backloads as well as training and consulting. Some of the necessary links between team performance and the strategic objectives of the company are provided below (Hackling-a, 2011). Because of the existence of a wide range of hauling services which are also provided under a single proof, the company needs to ensure that there is complete reliability, flexibility and convenience in the services provide to customers. This means that in a single service delivery a number of departments come into play and this increases the necessity and possibility of group activities and team work. Team work is also needed for ensuring reliability of local deliveries

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