tate them all.) If there are not research questions and/or a hypothesis, indicate that is the case and provide your interpretation of what the research question and hypotheses are.The research questions that became used in the experiment included, What degrees of stress and types of stressful events perceived by students in their clinical practice, what the common biopsychosocial responses were during clinical practice periods, what the differences in reports of health and stress between experienced and novice groups of nursing students were.In accordance to the research paper, stress and coping tend to affect health in social, physical and psychological aspects. Since the medical team is highly dependent on the nurses, plus the nursing students need to learn, the research became aimed at knowing the outcomes of stress to their learning.The research used nursing students from the University for Higher School for Nursing positioned in Andalusia. The research became conducted for 3 years. The research involved all the 503 nursing students.The sample became representative of the whole nursing population. The size was appropriate as it involved all the nursing students. Such a sample was excellent though data collection from each of the students might have brought some issues.In data collection, two types of tools became used the Perceived Stress Scale and the Biopsychosocial Response Scale. The two became designed by Sheu. Reliability of the two tools became mentioned in the research, for instance, the Perceived Stress Scale got reasonable reliability indexes. Biopsychosocial Response Scale became reliable too in the process of data collection.In the research, the writer utilizes the use of tables. Tables offer a summary of the data collected in a simplified form. One can be able to understand the data displayed in the table since they are simplifies and direct to the point.In the table of the stress perceived by the use of Perceived Stress Scale, a

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