The first production aircraft off each production line did not enter service but acted as a test bed for the granting of airworthiness’ certification as well as providing extensive route proving information. In the end only British Airways and Air France purchased Concordes, with the airlines initially purchasing 5 and 4 aircraft respectively.
In this paper the Project Manager was assigned by both the British airways and the Air France to prepare a report in developing a commercial supersonic airliner and ensure that it is completed on time and within budget.
The paper describes the skills and competencies required for a project manager to be able to produce the necessary development of the supersonic airliner. The project manager will be able to site some problems that may encounter during the development. The possible cause of delays and incompletion of the project is analyzed. Proper approach on this project is needed to be able to focus on the project.
The Project manager should possess the following skills to be able to success in this project: Technical Expertise, Ability to work with the user/client, Project management tools and techniques,ability to nurture and motivate project team members, and ability to solve problems.
Technical Expertise – is the most …
After all, without consummate technical expertise how could the project manager command the respect of the team, plan a technically elegant solution or solve problems as the project progressed Without superior technical knowledge how can a PM enforce high standards and avoid having the "wool" pulled over their eyes by wily team members The Concorde project is a technical project that needs the best knowledge on it. In this project the PM should be able to analyze the needed development as to what should be done to make the commercial supersonic airliner success.
Ability to work with the user/ client – as project management evolved it soon became apparent that project managers also required the ability to sting together a few coherent sentences when they discussed a project with the recipients of its benefit. As time passed this basic communication requirement evolved into the need for project managers who could "see" the project from the user’s or client’ s perspective rather than concerning themselves only with the technology. The highest evolution of this ingredient is when we seek project managers who plan project based on their impact on the business and drive the effort to deliver business relevant outcomes.
Project manager tools and techniques – also became apparent there were specialized tools and a technique for the project manager has to possess. At the Development of Concorde supersonic airliner the project manager must formulate a good tools and techniques in order for the to produce a good project. Overtime the tool set expanded on the scalable methodology that a project manager could adapt to suit projects’ with different characteristic of varying strategic reach. Finally there is now recognition that

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