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Sustainability strategy of HP
One of the primary factors that any company should take care of is its sustainability strategy. Sustainability strategy is needed to inspect the degree to which a company is pinning upon its strategies with the aim of long term growth. Some of the facets which have been identified as the basis through which HP can aggravate its current as well as past sustainability and methods that can convert its shortcomings into its strengths have been discussed underneath as follows.
Expansion of current and past sustainability
Two core aspects of HP could be identified from the past which needs to be brushed up for the purpose of retaining sustainability in company strategies. One of the most important factors is that of environmental concern. The company had initially issued policies to handle the environmental aspect but that had suffered from lack of proper implementation owing to the company’s decentralized structure. The second goal has been identified as reinventing and modifying the business models of the company. In order to improvise on the past strategies, the company has decided to set up a market research segment that would make a survey among the customers of HP and yield out aspects which they expect to be present in their products.
Conversion of shortcomings into strength
The company had originally been engaged in many processes which were later figured out to be its drawbacks rather than its advantages. For instance, the company had initially been persistent in selling their products to the consumers which normally prove to be rather expensive for them. In contrast they are attempting to let their products out in lease so that they might extract incomes out of their products while the consumers stay better off as well. In addition, through the process, it can own the product throughout its life which could turn out to be rather profitable. Secondly, in order to move ahead with its plans of high networking, HP must also take care of environmental aspects so that its activities might not bring much impact over the same. In order to make its dream of networking come true, HP is also attempting plans to popularize the concept of electronic media among the poorer sections.
Improvisation of stakeholder relationships
In order to win over the confidence of its stakeholders, HP has adopted the strategy of transparency. HP prefers to express its strategies of business model and those adopted to overcome challenges they confront. In addition, they also maintain the expression of their shortcomings such as environmental issues, since such admissions help them in winning over the confidence of their stakeholders (Preston, 2001).
One of the most important issues that any company must adhere to while setting up their business strategies are the ones on sustainability. HP, as the present research observed, had historically been highly attentive towards its sustainability strategies which has helped the company in retaining its popularity over the years both among its consumers as well as stakeholders.
Preston, L. (2001). Sustainability at Hewlett-Packard: FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE. Retrieved on September 20, 2011 from

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