PepsiCo India has implemented Waste to Wealth, policy in order to make cities cleaner. India is a heavily populated country and hence keeping the environment clean is a challenging task. Most of the solid wastes come out from different sources are usually kept unattended in the heavily populated areas in India which causes severe environmental problems. This award-winning initiative of waste to wealth has helped Pepsi to achieve Zero Solid Waste from the Pepsi products. Pepsi uses only recyclable materials for its products which helped them to convert the waste into wealth. In other words, Pepsi has converted waste materials into wealth by the recycling technologies.

Social activities
In order to provide some relief to the kids with hearing impairment in India, Pepsi with the help of US-based Starkey Hearing Foundation is providing more than 7000 hearing aids for children with such problems in India (Metro plus). It is difficult for an organization to establish in a place especially in foreign soil, simply concentrating on the business alone. Corporate social responsibility is a highly debated term in the business circle. Big organizations which operate in a place has certain commitments and responsibilities towards the community they deal with. Pepsi has realized the above fact and engaged in many social activities across the Indian nation to fulfill its social responsibility. The supply of hearing aids to the needy people is one such activity. “Performance with Purpose articulates PepsiCo India’s belief that its businesses are intrinsically connected to the communities and world that surrounds it. Performance with Purpose means delivering superior financial performance at the same time as we improve the world” (PepsiCo mission) Innovation is the core of sustaining a business. Traditional products need periodical changes in order to make it suitable for the changing needs of the customers.

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