This is because china a growing economy, creating a higher demand.
After subsequent years of iron ore production, the company started exporting its products to china and eventually to other parts of Asia. In 2010, the company announced its major plans to triple its production. This lead to expansion of a massive railway line to access to other mining sites and also an extension of the port1. Then mining started officially in 2014. Among the new plants which were opened were. Solomon hub, and Christmas creek. This leads to the development of infrastructure in the region.
A way of handling these weaknesses and threats is by making sure that the company capitalizes on its opportunities. This is by recruiting committed and experienced personell and making sure that their offices are not many. These will ensure that Frotesque metal group limited deals with the rivalry in this competitive industry.
Fortesque metal group limited is located in the rich iron ore area of pilbara in western Australia. This area has a close proximity to asia and more so india2. A decade over since its establishment, fortesque has undergone a tremendous growth in the mining of iron ore. It was formed around the kitchen table of its chairman Andrew Forrest. The company immediately began to explore the rich pilbara regions3. Identifying mines and mining them. Construction began at the first mine at cloud break. This is the Frotescues first mine site and it produces more than forty million tons of iron ore in a year. Due to the horizontal nature of this mine site, there is need to use new methods in mining the ore. After mining is done the mineral is crushed, screened and processed, then transported to the port.
A lot of business firms with an objective of achieving a competitive advantage for giant firms in the industry need to regularly analyze all the aspects of the company’s operations and the stratagems. This is the only single method that the company has a chance

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