Wireless operations permit services, such as long-range communications, that are impossible or impractical to implement with the use of wires (Imel &amp. Hart, 2003). Wireless communications are used in the telecommunications industry to refer to telecommunications systems which include radio transmitters and receivers, remote controls, computer networks, etc. These telecommunication systems use some form of energy like radio frequency (RF), infrared light, laser light, acoustic energy, etc. in order to transfer information without the use of wires. In recent times, wireless communications have become a ubiquitous part of modern life, from global cellular telephone systems to local and even personal-area networks (Schwartz, 2005). The demand for the use of wireless communications has been increasing exponentially ever since it was introduced in the late eighties. Wireless communication has become a ubiquitous part of modern life, from global cellular telephone systems to local and even personal-area networks. Wireless communications have played an important role in the introduction of cellular phones into the global market. Cellular phones can be used and operated only because of wireless communications. …
There are many techniques to provide the current status of voice and data applications in wireless devices. To let the data applications to get executed, annunciators are provided for these applications and are displayed as appropriate to indicate their current status (Leppanen et al., 2002). Certain data applications may further be associated with additional menu screens and many other applications to allow the user to view additional information. In one method, the current status of a particular application supported by the wireless device is initially determined. This application may be voice call handling, data call handling, voice recognition, voice memo, answering machine, or some other application. An annunciator indicative of the current status of the application is then provided if required (Leppanen et al., 2002).&nbsp.&nbsp.

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