The paper shows that the committee found it difficult to define terrorism since it was entangled in the political ideals of oppressed masses. It was only about a decade ago when the General Assembly formally condemned terrorism through a series of resolutions. However, these resolutions did not have legal weight because no methods and measures of enforcement were laid out (Combs, 2003, p. 200). Realizing this deficiency, the Security Council passed a series of resolutions emphasizing the vital role of the UN in the suppression of terrorism and the importance of bilateral and multilateral agreements in suppressing terrorism. In this instance, it may be said that the International Cooperation for the Suppression of Terrorism (ICST) came into being. The ICST is an amalgam of continued efforts taken by the UN against terrorism. Resolutions 1373 passed by the Security Council called on states to control the financial assets flowing towards terrorist activities and to implement all relevant UN protocols and conventions on terrorism. These conventions now make up the bulk of actions that are considered under the International Cooperation for the Suppression of Terrorism. “To date, 12 major conventions and protocols designed to combat terrorism have been adopted by the UN General Assembly and have been ratified by a sufficient number of states to become international law” (Combs, 2003, p. 201). These conventions and treaties related to the use of nuclear weapons, freezing of terrorist assets, and sanctions for related terrorist activities.

There are various types of ICST. These are: bilateral, regional, and global. Bilateral ICST involves only two countries in its cooperation efforts. This is usually the preferred form of cooperation because it involves fewer complications and fewer concessions for either country to make. Regional ICST is more elaborate and involves more countries. Therefore, there are more changes, adjustments, and&nbsp.terms to settle before this form of cooperation can be set into place.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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