Before any medical is declared fit and at a position to undergo ultrasound procedures, it is necessary that physical examination is first carried out (Bluth, 2008, 75). In this case, in particular, physical examination provides results certifying that both tests were of normal shape and no suspicions were tested positive by the examination. After much thorough examination, it was revealed that the patient had a small and painless mass just at the front of the left epididymal head. With these findings, it is considered highly probable that it was the initial mass that the patient had reported having noticed. These results give a clear go-ahead for the carrying out of ultrasound procedures on the patient to give deeper detail to assist in aiding the patient with the necessary treatment.The testicular ultrasound procedure makes use of emitted sound waves, which get run over the area in test and produce a reporting image referred to a sonogram. This procedure is much different from the common X-Ray procedures that make use of penetrating x-ray radiation waves that are to some extent known to have dire consequences on the subject. Scrotal ultrasound is a more precise model of testicular ultrasound procedures. It involves the imaging test in the effort to examine the scrotum, do come up with even more and deeper detail to enable proper diagnosis and treatment of the lump.In a simple highlight of the scrotal ultrasound procedure, the subject patient lays down on a designated platform and exhibits the scrotum for tests (Benson, 2009, 112). Clear gel is applied to the area being examined. An ultrasound machine that creates images from the high-frequency waves produced is introduced as a computer receives these reflected waves creating a conclusive picture.

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