As such after applying proper thought I have opted for, among others, the following group of subjects: Foundations of Leadership, Consumer Behavior, Principles of Marketing and Business &amp. Economic History of the US.
Foundations of Leadership and Principles of Marketing and Business &amp. Economic History of the US should be of immense help to me in bettering my career prospectus. After graduation, I wish to join some multinational organization as a Marketing Executive to get exposed to the ground realities of marketing and interacting with the customers. My concentration is marketing/advertising for the sports industry with a coaching minor. I foresee immense scope for development of sports good industry. After getting sufficient marketing experience, I have plans to establish my own small scale unit to manufacture sports goods.
Leadership is a quality needed most in every area, private as well as public relations. To me, educational and career advancement are alternative beats of the same heart and the degree in Bachelor of Science with a major in Integrative Studies lays the foundation for a professional career. The sampling of several disciplines will provide to me a well-rounded education. By working in a multinational organization as stated above, and by gaining practical marketing experience, I am sure that I will be able to succeed in my business venture of establishing a sports goods manufacturing unit.

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