The first wave of colonialism occurred in the early 15th century beginning with the conquest of Ceuta in 1415 by the Portuguese and lasted until the early 19th century. The final events of the first wave of colonialism involved the invasion of Algeria by the French. The first wave of colonialism mainly involved the colonization of the Americas by the Europeans and partly involved the creation of European colonies in the in Maritime Southeast Asia and India. The first wave of colonialism occurred during the Age of Discovery. During the first wave of colonialism, the interests of the Europeans in West Africa were primarily focused on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The second wave of colonialism marked the major phase of European colonization and was fundamentally focused on colonizing Africa and Asia. It is referred to as the New Imperialism.
The traditional African view of time is two-dimensional. In the category of potential or inevitable time, the most significant issue is that according to the traditional concepts, time as a phenomenon has the long past, the present and virtually no future. For the traditional African view, the time has to be experienced for it to make some sense. What is the future as per the African concept has not been experienced and thus cannot make part of the time?
Neo-colonialism is the use of political and economic power and other forms of control by the former colonial masters to influence and interfere with the affairs of the former sovereign colonies.

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