L’Oreal has the capability to curb the occurrence of climate change. With a firm commitment to managing as well as reducing the carbon emissions it produces, L’Oreal was last year selected as a member of the Carbon Disclosure Project. Having managed to reduce its carbon emissions by 38.8% L’Oreal has established a great foundation with regards to the economic climate. The UK has embraced the cosmetic industry fully and based on the growth of the global market with respect to cosmetic this industry has definitely set up a significant position (King, 2013). Therefore, based on the impressive sales increase and the capability of L’Oreal to foresee a brighter economic future as well as its commitment to climate change, L’Oreal will be a wise investment choice.

L’Oreal and Revlon are among the highly ranked cosmetic companies in the UK. Over the past year, both companies have made a tremendous increase in their sales. The major reason for this is the fact that the global cosmetic market has managed to surpass the recession period that occurred within the past decade. Revlon deals with color cosmetics, antiperspirants, and fragrances. The Company’s base in the UK sells its products through mass-market retailers such as Wal-Mart stores. It is indicated that Wal-Mart accounts for up to 23% of the total sales of Revlon. On a global platform, the company earned an estimated 1.8 billion US dollars in sales and 950000 US dollars in the past year (Revlon, inc, 2014). With regard to its operation in the UK, the sales have also recovered from the decrease the Company had experienced over the past decade. L’Oreal in comparison to Revlon has managed to take up a competitive advantage in terms of an impressive sales increase over the years as well as a wide range of products. Its sales within the last quarter of the year have amounted to 5.6 billion Euros an indication of an impressive financial performance in the course of the year.

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