This is a growing body of literature that can be explored and developed and made the basis of further research into the subject matter. Literature exists, moreover, that validate the emergence of social media, and of sites like YouTube and similar video sharing sites that allow for unprecedented levels of fan participation and interaction, as representing the future of what being a fan and consumer of popular culture content is, and from hereon, with the pervasiveness of the Internet, fan culture will continue to evolve within the new social media platforms offered by the new media. The field is vast, and the emphasis of this research undertaking is on YouTube music and video content as they consumed by fans, and fan interactions and relationships with musical acts online reflecting new paradigms for fan culture to evolve. This paper asserts that indeed, YouTube as a form of new media is pushing the boundaries of fan culture into new horizons (Hetcher. Burgess and Green. Jenkins. Enli. Banks and Deuze. Thornton. Coppa. Bennett).Wading through the literature, and taking participatory culture as also including as its subset fan culture on the Internet, one is amazed at how fast the understanding of such culture has evolved, mimicking in some way the fast evolution of Internet culture and popular culture consumption over the past few years. Where in the past fan culture has been largely passive, with content consumed from traditional media sources such as radio and TV, the interactive nature of YouTube has given rise to the reality of fans being able to catapult their objects of adoration from relative obscurity into instant global recognition. The dynamics of YouTube interaction between fans and content, moreover, have given rise to new processes where YouTube videos and music content generated by fans have themselves added to the discussions and to the momentum of the popularity of certain forms of content.

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