The influencing aspect of the framework is the commitment process used towards reaching the desired outcome. There are two main ways the influencing aspect can be utilized. First, is the general approach. During this approach, all aspects are influencing skills because the entire process is seen as an influencing process. The second style is the specific approach. During this approach, the person is specifically and deliberately trying to bring about change. An earnest attempt to move the client/situation to the desired outcome is applied.The movement of the process is the defining the situation and understanding that the influencing process can be categorized under three headings. The headings describe who or what you are trying to influence. The first form can be a person. It can be a person’s viewpoints or decisions that are trying to be swayed. The second form is a situation. One may be trying to change a particular situation to a more ideal one. Finally, a style. A style is a method that is used to help influence the circumstance.When influencing the person, it is vital that you know where the person is committed. The person’s attitude should be assessed and attempt to work with the attitude rather than against it. There are several approaches that can be utilized to influence the person’s attitude. First, examine persons link to commitment. During this approach, you should try to link what the person is committed to what you want them to do. For example, in order for my business to run most efficiently than operations must be done in a specific order. I had the task of convincing my partner to agree to the utilize the order of operation. Another approach is summarizing.

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