The article was written by Weinhold Bob and it is titled The future of fracking: New rules target air emissions for cleaner natural gas production. The article is important as it touches on the topic of fracking that is viewed as being one of the most contentious energy developments in recent times. Hydraulic fracturing or what is commonly termed as fracking is viewed as a new way of extracting natural gas that is an efficient form of energy (Weinhold, 2012). Fracking is seen as a way of dealing with the current energy crisis in the US. The issue has attracted supporters and opposers in equal measure. This is because, in spite of creating employment and creation of an alternative source of energy, it results in increased levels of environmental pollution.
The article focuses on given the basis of the rules that have been laid down by EPA to regulate the negative impacts of fracking. Some of the most interesting statistics from the article include the gas production industry which emits 40 per cent of the methane. the rules formulated will reduce the emission of harmful by nearly 95 per cent (Weinhold, 2012). Furthermore, natural gas mining is done in 33 states and this number will increase (Weinhold, 2012). The most common sources that have been used in the article are reports by EPA, EIA (Energy Information Association) and GAO (Government of America).

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