&nbsp.The government is grounded on the concepts of fairness, equality, justice, and protection of the people’s mutual interests. The government must do its share to ensure the citizens achieve their unique societal goals and objectives. The social contracts, including the United States constitution, reduce or prevent constant wars among individuals and communities. The social contracts ensure everyone will strive to comply with the contracts’ provisions of justice for all stakeholders (Souryal 75).
&nbsp.Christian Unity Model
&nbsp.During John Winthrop’s sailing towards the brave new world, the Puritan religion’s Winthrop espoused his fellow ship passengers to become the beacons or guides for all humans everywhere (Gardner 106). &nbsp.The New World is the current United States of America. Winthrop is a rich land owner and government officer in England. The ship was going to propagate the Christian brand of justice in the New World environment, in the other part of the world. The speech was done during his 1630 trip to New England. Winthrop’s speech persuaded his fellow ship travelers to firmly establish the New England society’s ecclesiastical (religious) government format. &nbsp.Under the format, Winthrop convinced his fellow Christian followers to ensure the citizens of the New World will implement all religious policies or concepts. Winthrop insisted his fellow Puritan followers must establish the civil government, not the military government, within the New England community (Gardner 106).

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