With the formations of international forums and peacekeeping organizations like that of the United Nations, the number of conflicts reduced further and even if there erupted any conflict, the international community of the present-day initiates abrupt measures to pacify such moments of heat. One important observation that can be made, based upon the international happenings, is that the world today operates on the basis of consensus and discussions rather than one-sided expansions and attacks. The concerned quarters view such developments are the result of the two world wars that the global community faced and the huge losses that all the participating nations had to incur.
Even though the numbers of conflicts reduced considerably in the latter half of the twentieth century, yet few of the issues of international conflicts are far away from being resolved. Among those cases, Arab – Israel conflict undoubtedly tops the list. The other conflicts include that of India – Pakistan and many of the conflicts among the European nations.
In order to trace the history of the conflict between Israel and Arabs, one has to revert back to the Sykes-Picot Agreement that was signed on the 16th of May of 1916. This agreement was very special in zonal politics and international relations in the area that was previously ruled by the Ottoman Empire. As the Ottoman Empire was no more prevalent, with the help of this agreement, the areas were divided among the then European superpowers i.e. Great Britain, France, and Russia. Among the imperialist powers, it was Great Britain that gained access where the present troubled states are located (Hobby, 2003).
In order to avoid confusion regarding the administrative and geographical differences in between the allied powers like that of Great Britain and France that had closed boundaries in various areas of Arab, they&nbsp.came up with a draft mandate to settle various technical issues.

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