A question considered is whether there were any cover-ups, such as the evidence regarding an agent with the FBI who claims that he was threatened to keep silent about what he knew. Additionally, a look is taken at how the Twin Towers fell in the manner and amount of time that they did and whether there were additional forces at work besides just the plane crashes. Since the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, considerable increases have been implemented in the personal and governmental expenses for anti-terrorism strategies as well as for programs primarily intended to combat terrorism. Owing to the increased attention, resources and efforts toward the reduction and prevention of terrorist attacks, it has been of paramount importance to determine whether anti-terrorism strategies are highly effective. The current study will then look into the role of homeland security in the prevention of terrorism, such as the terrorist attacks launched on 9/11, along with the possible anti-terrorism strategies that can contribute to the success of the government in reducing the occurrence rates of terrorism. Because of the effect of terrorism on the social, economic and political aspect of states and territories, various methods have been devised to prevent terrorist attacks, or at least reduce its negative effects. Counter-terrorism has been considered as yet another important agenda of states and other juridical entities (Durmaz, 2007). This study aims to look into the methods that fall under counter-terrorism which could have prevented the 9/11 attacks as well as other acts of terrorism. This chapter intends to provide an introduction to the topic at hand as well as the aims and contents of this dissertation thus dividing it into the following sections: background of the study, problem statement, significance of the study, overview of the methodology, delimitations, definition of terms, and summary.

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