He sketched fantastical visions of a futuristic nuclear city, where man would exploit advances in atomic science to create a new way of living. Later became a founding member of the art concrete group. His father has inherited a ribbon factory, which he turned into an electrical conductor manufactory. In the factory he experiment with the modern production processes and latest developed plastics such as fiberglass and polyethylene in order to create good domestic designs. Later he gave up his work on paintings and focus on his designs to promote his design career.
He ventured into design by creating a ceiling for a Milan jazz club. He designed three open-air rest areas featuring television shrines in which TV sets were used to construct mini theaters or shrines. He opened a design factory in Milan. He has his own design office. He worked on conception and architecture. His early designs were mostly for lodges and hotels. He also worked on many designs using plastic. He created the first chair molded from a single material. In his mission to furnish this world with new type of habitat, he applied new production processes and materials to existing types of furniture. His Elda armchair was made from fiberglass. He made furniture with aluminum, then ABS and, finally, polypropylene. Stackable and easy to clean, the universal chair is also adjustable because its legs can be unscrewed and replaced with longer ones. He was intent to reinvent the furniture as new concepts, which would definitely be better suited to a mobile lifestyle. He also designed a Combi-Centre container, which consists of cylindrical units to store things like books, tools and drinks etc. He also designed a Man-Woman container, a futuristic version of a 19th century trunk in which shelves, drawers and mirrors are hidden. The tube chair, Ragno outdoor light, two in one drinking glasses and a self-supporting smoking pipe, which did not require a stand, are remarkable creations of Colombo. Inspired by

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