Until today, the economy and the living standards of people in the country are better than other countries.
Andrew Carnegie supported Booker T Washington by giving money to an institute called Tuskegee, which was founded by Washington. American history celebrates the live of Carnegie, which transformed from a person who never owned a dime to a person who lead financial empires of great power. Currently, the individuals in American still remember Carnegie and the way he influenced the lives of Americans and the economy of the country. The kind of corporate that he was dealing with is the steel industry. He started the industry in the year 1865 and when he died, he was a multimillionaire like the other tycoons. Before becoming rich, he was running errands for a telegraph office. After the time of relatively unrestrained capitalism, the tycoon in steel had made great development of a powerful financial system that some individuals enjoyed (Net Industries).
The rapid economic development made by the tycoon laid a foundation for the modern economic growth of the United States. Together with other tycoons, many discoveries were made during their era. Still today businesspersons follow their paths by being single minded when pursing financial achievements and power (Net Industries). The tycoon played a great role in the creation of the modern America. Because of him and others like him, he made the country to be the wealthiest and a country with a lot of creativity as far as business is concerned. The man was very determined in raising the economy by making America to be a state that actively participates in the economy. This was not happening before the tycoons’ time (Net Industries).
The tycoon actions in the past still affect the American, lifestyle today. As a pioneering philanthropist, he has had major influence of the lives of many individuals. Since he helped in upgrading the financial system of the state, individuals in America have

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