As per UK law, employers cannot mistreat or give favorable treatment to one employee over another on the basis of caste, creed, color, age, religion, and sex. Different kinds of discrimination on the part of employers are: not to hire because of one of the personal characteristics cited above, to select a particular or favored person, to pay someone attractive remuneration as compared to other persons in the same bucket and pay less than that to the other workers who are sailing in the same boat (FBA 2011).
Discrimination of any kind under the rules and regulations is permissible whether it is intentional and unintentional. If in an ideal working condition, we prefer one group over another keeping in view any reason of preference, this falls within the ambit of discrimination (FBA 2011).

Discrimination on the basis of mentioned characteristics is not allowed under UK Law: a) age b) transsexual person c) married d) civil partnership e) under pregnancy f) having kids g) disabled h) race inclusive of color, ethnic group, origin, and nationality I ) religious beliefs j) sex and k) sexual orientation (FBA 2011).

The aforementioned characteristics are considered protective characteristics. Employees can be protected from cited discrimination in the mentioned scenarios a) at work b) at educational institutions c) as a user of consumer products d) at the time utilization of public services e) at the time of buying or renting property f) member of a private club, guest of a private club and business association / trade body. It is worth mentioning that the employees are legally protected from discrimination of any sort under the Equality Act 2010 (Hepple 2010).

If anyone puts in efforts voluntarily to help someone in need, having protective characteristics, this action can be termed as positive action.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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