That includes being ready to put her emotions on the line and accept the love being offered to her by a man who has stood by her for the past 4 years of her life. It was important to me, as a person who believes in the healing powers of psychiatry, that the episode portrayed her visits to a psychiatric professional as one that truly helps her get her life back together after her shooting in the previous season. By showing the analytical aspect of the doctor’s visit and allowing her to figure things our for herself with her doctor acting only as her guide, her character as a strong, intelligent, and logical woman is further reinforced. I applaud the team behind the show for such an accurate and convincing portrayal of the true way that a psychiatric visit takes place.
In closing, I would like to encourage your program to continue its true to life portrayals of the steps that Kate Beckett must take in her life in order to become a truly whole and well person, finally capable of accepting a special kind of love and giving back the same to Richard Castle. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I realize how busy a person in charge of a network must be as you receive numerous letters and communications regarding all types of matters pertaining to your programming. I look forward to possibly hearing from you in the future.

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