If the job of Kevin is analyzed properly it can be seen that to develop a strategy for implementation, a project management process is required which could ensure a successful deployment of the infrastructure and software. The implementation of Windows 2000 was the example quoted by Kevin which gave an overview of how the Knowledge Areas of the project management can be used successfully. In the example given by Kevin, the processes of Communication Management were the main focus of the implementation which was followed by Time Management and Scope Management. It is not necessary that all nine Areas have to be used. The usage of the Knowledge Areas depends on the project being undertaken.

If the analysis of the interview is done, Kevin has pointed out that in order to ensure the success of any project three factors needed to be kept in view all the time along with the goal of the project. These are the scope of the project, relationship among the teams and the communication process.

Project Integration Management involves the integration or amalgamation of different processes that are involved in project management. It is also responsible for monitoring a project work and controlling it, integrating change control and lastly the project closing. Integration includes the “unification, consolidation, articulation and integrative actions that are crucial to project completion, successfully meeting customer and other stakeholder requirements and managing expectations” (The Project Integration Management Knowledge Area). In other words, it can be said that the allocation of resources and anticipating issues and dealing with them by synchronizing the work activities for the success of the project.
This part of the project management includes the following processes in accordance with the interview conducted.
-Develop Project Charter:
The development of a project charter is the first and the formal step of starting a project or a phase.

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